Uncle Sam Decided

The band UNCLE SAM DECIDED was formed in January 2007, composed of vocalist and guitarist Kenan Ljuca, drummer Vanja Gutić, and bassist and vocalist Vedad Strujić. The band's name does not imply that the members are either pro or anti American, but rather that they represent those who share with them the opinion that wars are fought for no real cause and that every country has an Uncle Sam who encourages young people to fight for an imaginary belief, for "peace". But what they are in fact fighting for are someone else's dreams and someone else's interests.

The band consists of members of well-known hardcore/ punk and metal bands from Sarajevo. Following the split of the band "Access Denied", guitarist Kenan and drummer Vanja decided to continue their work and form a new band, which would play music that was not strictly defined by a particular genre. The band had already completed a couple of songs when bassist Vedad from the hardcore/punk band "Stroj", (former "Kazna") joined them. The formed trio then began with intensive work and their style can now be characterized as a blend of metal and punk.

Their songs are in English and they disclaim any nationalist or fascist character. Currently, the band has over 30 completed original songs and its share of gigs across BiH and Croatia. After a year of hard work, the band entered the studio and recorded its first EP entitled "Lord of Insanity", produced by Radio 202, with Stefan Komljenović as the head producer. The release contains 5 songs, and two music videos were professionally recorded for the songs "Outsider" and "Lord of Insanity".

Two years after the EP was released, the band entered the studio again, this time the "Kenan Ferhatović" studio, and recorded its first official album entitled "State of Mind". The album consists of 9 songs, and fans can download it for free on the web. The album booklet is the work of a renowned artist Nina Hadžić, who made the band distinctive with her caricatures.

USD shared the stage with a number of well-known bands like Hladno Pivo, Dubioza Kolektiv, Ritam Nereda, Kud Idijoti, Van Gogh, Let 3...